9. März 2022: Puneh Ansari and Genia Blum at PEN Women in Translation Reading (online)

The event is streamed on Youtube and you will find the video on the Youtube channel of PEN America.

Puneh Ansari will read from her book HOFFNUN‚ and the writer and translator Genia Blum will read the English language translation.

9 March 2022, 11 a.m. (CET)

Main landing page: https://pen.org/event/virtual-winter-wit-women-in-translation-reading-series/

Session 1: https://pen.org/event/virtual-winter-wit-women-in-translation-reading-series-session-1/

Session 2: https://pen.org/event/virtual-winter-wit-women-in-translation-reading-series-session-2/