8. Mai 2015: Chloe Zeegen beim Unit Festival, Berlin

Beim ersten Queer Tech Festival weltweit, dem Berliner #unit-Festival, das die Unicorns in Tech organisieren und das während der Berlin Web Week stattfindet, spricht Chloe Zeegen am 8. Mai:

‚Fuck Femmephobia!‘

Look out, it’s the invisible femme, and she’s come to shake you out of your patriarchy. Whether you fear, steer clear, jeer or leer, one thing is clear: Writer Chloe Zeegen will bring femmephobia to the forefront. Including screenshots, blogposts, tweets, fb updates and research from the tech, queer and publishing scenes.

Chloe Zeegen is a writer and post-internet artist. She refuses to succumb to hipster-shaming and uses those terms with pride, dammit. She grew up in the UK and Germany. She studied Philosophy & Modern Languages at Oxford University, followed by a career in arts management in London. She relocated permanently to Berlin in 2012 and is therefore officially less cool than anyone who has lived here longer. She experimented with Facebook as a medium for first-hand performance art and creative writing in her multi-media, interactive project ‚Chloe Zeegen is a self-styled Facebook star‘. This project formed the basis for her contemporary fiction and she is the author of the underground hit ‚I love myself ok?‚, published by mikrotext.