6. Mai 2019: Designing Tomorrows. Science Fiction as a Method. Discussion at republica 2019 with Luzia Prado, Michelle Christensen, Shalev Moran, Sina Kamala Kaufmann, 17.30 pm

Designing Tomorrows – Science Fiction as a Method #rp19

Luiza Prado
Michelle Christensen
Shalev Moran
Sina Kamala Kaufmann

Stage 4, 17.30 pm, 6 May (today)

If we want to build inclusive digital societies, we need to be able to imagine a future we want to live in and develop a language to describe our ideas for future societies. This session will share skills on how to design the future. Artists, designers and researchers will present approaches and methodologies how to design future products, scenarios, and concepts.

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