5. Dezember 2013: Fiction Canteen „Amazon … und dann?“

„Amazon…und dann?“ On 5 December, 8 pm, Fiction Canteen invites everyone interested in an informal and friendly discussion on:

–types of payment model for authors and translators in the era of digital publishing, and their pros and cons

–working for Amazon as an author and translator: the possible pitfalls

–Amazon seen from an epublishing perspective

–alternative sources of financing for events, books, readings such as crowdfunding.

On the panel will be:
Volker Oppmann, founder of the platform LOG.OS (http://log-os.info/wordpress/) and publisher at ONKEL & ONKEL in Berlin.

Nikola Richter, founder of mikrotext (www.mikrotext.de), a digital publisher specialising in short digital texts.

Amanda De Marco, founder of Readux, (www.readux.net), a publisher of (mostly) translated literature based in Berlin and a contributing editor for Publishing Perspectives.

Zoe Beck, thriller writer, (www.zoebeck.net) and co-founder of CulturBooks, (www.culturbooks.de/), an ebook publisher of both original works and translations.

Nerys Hudson, former bookseller and project coordinator at Dialogue Books (www.dialoguebooks.org), an online space for literature, specialising in connecting stories and readers.

Link to Facebook Event. At Alte Kantine, Wedding, Uferstr. 8-11, Berlin.