17. April 2014: E-Publishing-Diskussion in Prishtina, Qendra Multimedia

A book, a text, a file? When literature goes digital

Panel discussion: Nikola Richter and Albatros Rexhaj

17th of April, 17:00 h, Qendra Multimedia, Prishtina

With the advance of the internet, new possibilities have developed to produce, distribute and consume culture in new ways. Nikola Richter, founder of the German digital-only publisher mikrotext, who is currently in Prishtina with a residency of Qendra Multimedia will give an introduction into e-publishing by looking also at the German digital and literary publishing scene and discuss with Albatros Rexhaj from Filozofia Urbane the challenges and putting text online. She will also give examples of new forms of writing that could only develop on the web. Facebook writing, twitterature and bot literature.